Essential Terminology:

Essential Terminology:

Wattage: How many watts of energy are required to power your bulb? LED lights have lower wattages, but produce a brightness equivalent to that of a higher watt incandescent bulb.

Wattage Equivalent: How to replace your standard bulb with its LED equivalent.

Color Temperature: Defines the color of the light, and is measured by the Kelvin scale. Ex. If you want a warmer yellowish bulb with a calming and intimate ambience, choose a bulb with a lower color temperature around 2000K-3000K.

Beam Angle: Beam angle is the angle that light is emitted from a bulb. Light intensity decreases at wider angles and may vary depending on the light’s fixture.

Lumens: Lumens determine how bright a bulb is and the quality of light. Lumens is an accurate determination of brightness in a LED bulb.

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