What kind of LED bulb do I need?

What kind of LED bulb do I need?

First you should determine what kind of bulb you need. We put together a guide below of the most popular bulbs and fixtures and their applications.

1. LED Retrofit Kits – LED retrofit kits are installed in existing fixtures for upgrades to LED technology. LED technology improves energy efficiency and saves on energy consumption.

2. A19 / A21 – Easy LED alternatives for your traditional incandescent bulbs in a commercial or residential setting.

3. PAR Bulb – PAR light bulbs can be used in down lighting applications, recessed cans, and track lighting situations. Designed perfectly for residential, retail, museums, and art gallery applications, PAR light bulb’s glass shell withstands adverse weather and can be used outdoors.

4. LED Tubes – LED tubes perfectly replace your old fluorescent tube T8, T10, or T12 fixtures. Upgrading to LED tube technology can reduce your energy consumption by as much as 85%.

5. LED Corn Bulb – Shaped like an ear of corn, the Corn Bulb can be used to retrofit many interior and exterior light applications. Recommended for use in warehouse high bay lighting, retail low bay lighting, parking lot lighting, floodlights, walkway lights, and street lamp lighting.

6. LED Linear Fixture – LED linear fixtures are ideal for replacing traditional fluorescent lights. Use them to revamp your office spaces, classrooms, health-care facilities, retail spaces, and more.

7. LED Panel & Troffer – LED troffers and panels are ideal for indoor drop ceiling applications in offices, retail establishments, institutions, and more.

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